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Home Tint Sunshine Coast - Anti-Graffiti Films

Suitable for Commercial Premises, Offices, Churches, Schools and Community Buildings

Anti graffiti film is a clear film that protects the glass in your place of business from graffiti and glass damage through scratching. Some areas and types of businesses like pharmacies, are more prone to graffiti attack (spray can attack) and tagging, costing businesses a considerable amount of money in cleaning and reparations.

Our clear, anti graffiti film defies vandals in two ways. First, by eliminating the need to replace windows, as it is designed to simply peel off.  Second, by facilitating easy restoration without scratching, for a fast clean-up that discourages vandals. Installation is affordable and much cheaper and less time consuming than cleaning hard-to-remove spray paints.

Another benefit is that anti graffiti film prevents glass from smashing. The protective film hence holds the shards of glass together preventing a dangerous clean-up situation and further preventing intruders from entering your building.

Lastly it also provides increased sun protection to stock, displays and flooring.


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