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Energy Efficient Tinting

Home Tint stock a wide range of energy efficient tinting films that selectively filters solar energy, preventing unwanted radiation (both infrared and ultraviolet) from passing through the glass. This type of window tinting can dramatically reduce heat build-up and¬†improve your…

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Home Tint Sunshine Coast - Frosting

Creating Privacy with Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film has infinite application. It turns any see-through window into frosted glass with a sand blasted or etched appearance. It looks sleek and modern, but more importantly creates complete privacy where it is applied. Frosting enhances your security…

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Home Tint Sunshine Coast - Safety Film

Safety film to foil thieves

Pharmacies are a prime target for smash and grab thieves wanting to steal prescription drugs and money. Proprietors of pharmacies and other retail outlets are taking precautions against after-hours theft by bolstering security. New, inexpensive measures are available that don't…

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Home Tint Sunshine Coast - Why Tint

Why Tint My House?

The effects of the Queensland sun can be harsh.¬†The suns rays passing through the window cause a hot house effect within your house. By tinting your home professionally you can make living in your home during those hot sunny days…

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