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Why Tint My House?

Why Tint My House?

The effects of the Queensland sun can be harsh. The suns rays passing through the window cause a hot house effect within your house.

By tinting your home professionally you can make living in your home during those hot sunny days comfortable.

House Tinting doesn’t just provide a way to reduce the glare within your home, but it will reduce damaging UV rays from hitting your home furnishings.

Reducing the heat coming into your house will also reduce the cooling requirement, so provide a saving on your air conditioning power bill.

Tinting also has the benefit of providing privacy to areas of your house that maybe visible from a neighbour or street front.

In you media room the tinting of the windows will allow you to watch that favourite sports event or TV show without the need to draw curtains on the middle of the day.

At Home Tint Sunshine Coast we can recommend a solution that will meet your needs and protect your furnishings. Contact us now.

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